8 feet - 15 feet (2.43 m - 4.57 m)
standard paving width

10 feet - 17 feet (3 m - 5.5 m)
standard paving width

12 feet - 27 feet (3.65 m - 8.2 m)
standard paving width

14 feet - 37 feet (4.26 m - 11.27 m)
standard paving width

HEM Slip Form Pavers are built to meet your project specifications and very intuitive to operate and field-friendly to maintain.  Standard machines are available with paving widths from 8’ up to 37’ (2.44m to 11.28m) on 6” (15cm) increments and, with optional equipment, for wider paving widths if your project requires.  Ideal for path, residential street and heavy highway paving, the HEM Slip Form Paver is also perfect for airport, runway and canal paving.  Available options provide for curb and gutter, dowel bar insertion, stringless paving, and oscillating belt or auto float finishing.  HEM is the only company in the world that provides a full line of concrete paving equipment for all aspects of the paving job; grade trimmers, placers, placer-spreaders, texturing to joint sawing. Standard concrete pavers include the SFP8-15, SFP10-17, SFP12-27 and SFP14-37 for your largest paving projects.

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