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Concrete Paver Market Heats Up as Contractors Turn to Roadbuilding

by Don McLoud As some areas of the construction industry have slowed during the pandemic, contractors are shifting into other segments, such as roadbuilding, to try to keep revenues coming in. Manufacturers of concrete slipform pavers say they have witnessed such market shifts, as well as increased competition for jobs. Bidding has become more aggressive for projects, contractors are…

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Central States Concrete – Paving to Grow

In 2015 when Conor Taft and Eric Zichterman founded Central States Concrete, they started out like a lot of companies – “We did commercial and municipal flatwork”, said Zichterman, some by hand, some with a screed.  But they knew they would need to expand to continue to survive and grow in a competitive market.  …

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Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Manual Dowel Bar Insertion Alternative

Dowel bar insertion or “DBI” is the process for mechanically inserting reinforcing dowel bars into concrete during the paving process.  It is intended to eliminate tied rebar cages or mats placed in front of the paver.  The traditional method of dowel bar insertion is the automatic dowel bar inserter which is a highly automated and…

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Taking Poly Overlay to New Heights

3,000 feet above sea level to be exact! HEM Paving recently partnered with DBE Constructors, LTD to tackle a bridge overlay on busy Interstate 80 in beautiful northern California.  The project, just north of Colfax, CA involved an 8-hour lane closure during which the bridge deck had to be milled, cleaned and resurfaced and then…

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HEM Paving Returns from Successful Bauma Exhibition

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing (HEM) recently returned from Munich, Germany, after exhibiting at the Bauma 2019 Exhibition.  In conjunction with its Indian partner, Apollo Inffratech, HEM exhibited from 8 – 14 April.  During the seven day event over 620,000 visitors attended from 63 countries. According to HEM’s Vice President for International Operations, Rick Eisiminger, HEM…

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Concrete Paving Train for Middle East Theater

slip form paver and placer/spreader ready to ship

HEM Paving recently worked with our partner FedHarmony in procuring, manufacturing and transporting a three-machine concrete paving ‘train’ for the United States Armed Forces. FedHarmony is an Arlington, VA company which serves as the liaison between manufacturers like HEM and federal government agencies, ( The HEM PS12-28 Placer Spreader, SFP14-37 Slip-Form Paver and TC12-28 Texture…

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Certified Concrete Construction

A First Time Paving Success Story Certified Concrete Construction (CCC) of Raleigh, North Carolina is a great example of persistence paying off.   CCC has been a respected name in concrete construction since 1997 specializing in curb and gutter, sidewalks, walls and slabs using a vibratory screed.  But Operations Manager Johnny Sousa always had bigger things…

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BCOA (Bonded Concrete Overlay)

bonded concrete overlay

– Whitetopping 2.0 Whitetopping, the process of a concrete overlay to resurface distressed asphalt pavement, has a long history of use and is a well-established process.  However, recent advances in whitetopping techniques that rely on a bond between the concrete overlay and the existing asphalt pavement have rejuvenated the topic. Known as BCOA (Bonded Concrete…

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HEM Paving Receives GSA Approval

HEM Paving is excited to announce that HEM concrete paving products have received GSA Approval. GSA Approval is a status used to describe organizations and products that have been approved to sell to the United States Government through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).   HEM Paving achieved this status through their partnership with FedHarmony,…

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Start-up & Training in Argentina

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing (HEM) Paving recently completed a start up and training of a Slip Form Paver (SFP) 8-15 for Jumi SRL Constructora in Jujuy, Argentina. This is HEM Paving’s first unit delivered to Argentina. After final assembly and quality assurance checks, HEM technicians provided initial training in the Jumi assembly yard. After transport to…

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