Start-up & Training in Argentina

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing (HEM) Paving recently completed a start up and training of a Slip Form Paver (SFP) 8-15 for Jumi SRL Constructora in Jujuy, Argentina. This is HEM Paving’s first unit delivered to Argentina. After final assembly and quality assurance checks, HEM technicians provided initial training in the Jumi assembly yard.

Training in the Jumi assembly yard

After transport to the job site, HEM continued the training with the string line installation and calibration of the unit to the string line.  Jumi personnel were receptive to the training and accomplished each task at the next requirement.

Installation of the string line. Note the initial level grade before descending.


Calibrating the string line with Jumi personnel.

HEM’s first Argentine unit was immediately presented with a challenge in the form of a minimum 12% grade for paving downhill. After training the Jumi crew on an initial level grade, the operation transitioned to the steeper grade with the operators adapting well to the challenge.


Initial training on the level grade.



Paving on the 12% down grade.



Jumi’s crew adapted well to the challenge and produced a superior paved product.

Jumi owner Raul Ulloa attended the training and operational sessions each day. Mr. Ulloa said he was very satisfied with the delivery, setup, training and operation of the machine. He is hoping to acquire more units in the future as contracts develop.

For more information contact Rick Eisiminger, VP, International Operations HEM Paving at or +1.540.729.0619.