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Turbocharged Diesel Engine* -                  

  • 185 hp (137.95 kW) Tier IV
  • enclosed engine compartment
  • engine sound proofing

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir - 205 gallon (775 liter)              

Fuel Reservoir - 95 gallon (359 liter)                    

1 Hydraulic System Heat Exchanger with electric fan

8 Hydraulic Vibrators                     

  • vertical adjustment controlled from operator’s platform
  • individual or en-masse vibrator speed controls
  • automatic shut-off with machine travel
  • maximum flow 4 gallon (15.14 liter) per minute
  • normal operating pressure 800 - 1300 psi

12 Hydraulic Vibrator Circuits                   

  • with individual variable controls pressure compensated

Hydraulic Pump System

  • (2) triple stage hydraulic pumps
  • double stage hydraulic pumps
  • pressure relief manifold for convenient pressure monitoring and pressure adjustments

Two Crawler Tracks             

  • length: 12 ft. 4-inch (3.76 m)
  • width: 12-inch (30 cm)
  • 6-inch (15 cm) pitch - triple grouser shoes
  • 66:1 gear reduction
  • sealed, lifetime lubricated rollers

10 ft. to 17 ft. (3 m to 5.5 m) Paving Width                      

  • by 6-inch (15 cm) increments
  • 10 ft. (3 m) main frame (minimum width)
  • additional paving width to 21 ft. (6.4 m) is optional

Paving Pans              

  • bolt-together sections to allow for paving: 10 ft. - 17 ft. (3.05 m - 5.18 m) by 6 inch (15 cm) increments 3/8-inch thick x 18-inch high x 42-inch long        (9 mm thick x 45 cm high x 106.68 cm long)
  • curb mold inserts for right and/or left side
  • 8-inch (20 cm) long trailing profile pans for fine adjustment and rigidity

Hydraulically Powered Split Tamper Bar System                     

  • adjustable tamping depth
  • variable speed
  • double bar system

Hydraulically Adjustable Side Forms                  

  • 6-way hydraulic adjustment
  • split 30 inch (76 cm) high side forms – folding inward for transport
  • side forms attach to the main frame of the machine, not tracks
  • 18 inch (45 cm) vertical stroke,
  • 4 inch (10 cm) horizontal stroke
  • adjustable edge slump control
  • hydraulically controlled from ground and operator’s platform

Spreader Auger System                 

  • 16-inch (41 cm) diameter, split reversible, heavy duty augers, variable speed
  • planetary drives
  • augers are adjustable for height
  • augers drives are shielded from wet concrete
  • quick disconnect for width changes

Hydraulic Strike-Off                       

  • hydraulically controlled strike-off plates
  • individual controls for variable crown paving

Grade Control System                    

  • 4 hydraulic stringline sensors
  • automatic and manual control from operator’s platform
  • system works with two string lines, or “lock to grade”

Steering System                    

  • 1 hydraulic stringline sensor
  • steer from right or left-hand side of machine
  • automatic and manual steering, controlled from
  • operator’s platform

Power Wash System                       

  • 110 gallon (416 cm) water tanks
  • 2000 psi, 4 gallon (15 liter) per minute hydraulic power wash pump
  • 25 ft. (7.6 m) high pressure hose and wand

Intermittent Shut-Down System             

  • single switch operation
  • electronic over hydraulic
  • controls all critical functions of machine: grade, travel, tamper, vibration, belt finisher

Operator’s Platform                       

  • hydraulic system pressure gauges: grade, travel, vibrator, tamper, auger
  • hydraulic controls: travel, vibrator, tamper, pressure wash, strike-off, auger, grade
  • high visibility “wrap around” console
  • engine controls and monitoring devices mounted on console
  • safety railing
  • engineered for easy monitoring of all machine functions
  • canopy

Transport Dimensions                    

  • width: 12 ft. 4-inch (3.76 m)
  • length: paving width plus 4 ft. (121 cm) (2 ft. (60 cm) each side for track and end frame)                        
  • base machine weight (10 ft. / 3.05 m): 38,700 lbs. (17554 kg)
  • full width weight (17 ft. / 5.18 m): 42,500 lbs. (19278 kg)

*Engine make determined by customer need and availability 


Optional Equipment

(not included in base machine)

Poly Pads                                                                                                                              

  • molded to steel pads, chemical and structural bond

Four Crawler Tracks (in lieu of 2 tracks)                                                         

Additional Complete Frame Extension Assemblies

  • 4 ft. (1.2 m) assembly
  • includes frame sections, paving pans, tamper, auger, walkway
  • does not include vibrators

Additional Hydraulic Vibrators                                                                           

Curb Molds Built to Customer Specification

Male Side Form Key                                                                                                                       

  • bolt on, removable, machined to customer specs

Hydraulic Center Bar Inserters with Electronic Indicator                                         

  • for insertion of straight bars into longitudinal joint

Hydraulic Side Bar Inserter with Electronic Indicator

  • for insertion of straight or 90° bars into edge of slab

Automatic Transverse Dowel Bar Inserter                                                        

Hydraulic Oscillating Rear Belt Finisher with Variable Speed Control         

  • 14-inch (35 cm) wide rubber belt
  • adjustable winch tensioner

Hydraulic Curb Shut-Off for Curb Molds                                                                       

Manual Curb Shut-Off for Curb Molds                                                                           

Belt Conveyor for Unloading Transit Mixer Off-Grade                                               

  • 30-inch (76 cm) conveyor wing by 13 ft. (3.9 m) long
  • hydraulic variable speed drive
  • hydraulic shift, side to side

Sensor for Reverse Steering and Travel                                                                       

Water Fogging Bar (for Watering Burlap)                                                                                  

  • high pressure
  • brass fogging nozzles

Additional 4 Port Vibrator Manifold (when purchased with new machine)                            

  • includes all vibrator quick disconnects
  • includes 4 individual vibrator speed controls
  • includes all hydraulic hoses
  • factory installation
  • includes additional vibrator pump capacity

Additional 8 Port Vibrator Manifold (when purchased with new machine)                            

  • includes all vibrator quick disconnects
  • includes 8 individual vibrator speed controls
  • includes all hydraulic hoses
  • factory installation
  • includes additional vibrator pump capacity

4 Point Outrigger Lift - for lifting the Paver for Truck loading

  • all hydraulic controls
  • allows paver to be truck loaded with no side ramp access

Hydraulic Oscillating Auto Float                                                            

  • variable transverse oscillation speed
  • variable fore-aft oscillation speed
  • crownable
  • 8 ft. (2.43 m) stainless steel float pan

Hydraulic Edge Slump Control (in lieu of manual)

  • hydraulic control from ground position

Metal Keyway Former and Punch Assembly                                       

  • must specify for left or right side

Critical Spare Parts Package                   

2 Year Filter Package                                

Optional Track Lengths and Width         

Power Crown                                              

Manual Crown                                           

Material and Specifications subject to change without notification


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