The HEM Placer is designed and built to complement your HEM paving equipment in applications where access in front of the paver is limited or restricted by pretied or continuous mat reinforcing steel common in airport and heavy highway construction.  The HEM Placer features a dual belt delivery system for fast unloading and precise placement of low slump concrete.  The front loading hopper can accommodate both dump and transit truck (ready mix) concrete delivery.  Other standard features include a high pressure power washer system and a lighting package for night operation.  HEM is the only company in the world that provides a full line of concrete paving equipment for all aspects of the paving job; grade trimmers, placers, placer-spreaders, texturing to joint sawing. Standard HEM Placers include the MP2500.

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Turbo Charged Diesel Engine*                   

  • 250 hp (186.5 kW) Tier IV

Fuel Tank 124 gallon (469 liter)                 

Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 280 gallon (1059 liter)              

2 Hydraulic System Oil Coolers                

Double Pump Drive Hydraulic System

  • one triple stack pump
  • one double stack pump
  • each hydraulic function has its own hydraulic pump
  • one pressure relief manifold for convenient pressure adjustments

2 Conveyor Delivery System                     

  • Front Transfer Conveyor
    • 36-inch (91.44 cm) wide by 14 ft. (4.26 m) long
    • variable speed belt up to 490 ft. (149 m) per minute
  • Rear Delivery Conveyor
    • 36-inch (91.44 cm) by 35 ft. (10.66 m)
    • hydraulic swing approximately 80° right and left
    • variable speed belt up to 490 ft. (149 m) per minute
    • hydraulically adjustable deflector
    • single joy stick controls lift and swing
  • Hopper
    • hydraulic hopper height adjustment
    • dump truck style concrete hopper with polyurethane flashing
    • hydraulically adjustable discharge gate
    • hydraulic external vibrator – operator controlled
    • hopper bottom hard surfaced
    • hydrostatically driven 16-inch (40 cm) hard surfaced cross auger in concrete hopper
    • variable speed controls from operator platform w/emergency stop
    • hopper bottom support rollers
    • inside hopper width 12 ft. (3.65 m)
    • hopper design allows attachment to tractor without separate lift arms

High Pressure Power Wash System                     

  • 110 gallon (416 liter) water storage
  • 2000 psi, 4 gallon (15.1 liter) per minute
  • 40 ft. (12 m) high pressure hose

Two Crawler Tracks             

  • hydrostatic drive
  • 12 ft. 4-inch (3.76 m) Long
  • 14-inch (35 cm) triple grouser track pads
  • lifetime sealed and lubricated track rollers

Operator Platform

  • entire operator platform rotates up to 45° right and left for operator comfort
  • engineered for excellent visibility of delivery belt and concrete hopper
  • all hydraulic controls of belts, hopper and travel
  • individual system pressure gauges and controls
  • single control shut-down system
  • adjustable operator seat
  • canopy

Lighting Package                 

  • flood, head and tail lighting for night operation
  • 24-volt system

Transport Dimensions                    

  • 9 ft. 6-inch (2.74 m) Maximum Width (Head off)
  • 13 ft. 4-inch (3.96 m) Maximum Width ( Head on)
  • Total Weight 46,800 pounds (21,228 kg)
  • Overall length 53 ft. (16.15m)

*Engine make determined by customer need and availability


Optional Equipment

(not included in base machine)

Special Application Hoppers and Conveyors                                                    

Custom Length Conveyors                                                                       

Critical Spare Parts Kit                                                                             

Filter Kit                                                                                                      

Poly Pads

  • molded to steel pads, chemical and structural bond


Materials and specifications subject to change without notification


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