The HEM Overlay Paver is the newest addition to HEM’s full line of concrete pavers.  The HEM Overlay Paver is a lightweight, easy to transport and operate paver designed specifically for thin and ultra-thin overlays.  With a standard paving width range from 8’ to 14’, (2.43m to 4.27m), the HEM Overlay Paver is perfect for bridge deck overlays, patch and repair and whitetopping projects which utilize UHPC, polyester, polymer concrete or synthetic reinforced concrete. The rubber-track drive system makes the HEM Overlay Paver easy to maneuver around your project and ideal for small or cut-up work that would normally be done by hand and eliminates the need for having lifting equipment constantly on-site.   Available options include a front auger system to distribute material in front of the paver and eliminate the labor typically required with a tube roller or vibratory screed.  Other options include additional (wider) paving widths, a rear tining rack, and a dolly transport system.  HEM is the only company in the world that provides a full line of concrete paving equipment for all aspects of the paving job; grade trimmers, placers, placer-spreaders, pavers, to joint sawing. Standard overlay pavers include the SFP1200.OP & SFP1800.OP.

Taking Poly Overlay to New Heights


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This innovative slip-form paver is specifically designed for thin and ultra-thin bonded overlay projects – including UHPC, Polymer and Synthetic-reinforced.

This HEM slip-form paver is ideal for bridge deck overlays as well as mainline overlay and whitetopping projects. The Overlay Paver is available in standard paving widths from 8' to 14' (custom widths are available upon request).

The New Overlay Paver is:

  • Self-propelled
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate and maneuver

Features include:

  • Stainless steel pan system
  • Rubber-track drive
  • Adjustable side forms
  • Forward/rear auto steer.

Optional auger system and tining are available

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