Taking Poly Overlay to New Heights

3,000 feet above sea level to be exact!

HEM Paving recently partnered with DBE Constructors, LTD to tackle a bridge overlay on busy Interstate 80 in beautiful northern California.  The project, just north of Colfax, CA involved an 8-hour lane closure during which the bridge deck had to be milled, cleaned and resurfaced and then reopened for traffic.

California has been using polyester overlays for many years to address the current state of deterioration of their bridges and because of the volatile and time-sensitive nature of the poly material, the challenge has always been finding the most efficient and productive method and equipment to deliver and place the materials.

For this project, DBE Constructors used a volumetric mixer truck to deliver the polyester overlay material and an HEM MSFP8-14 Micro Overlay Paver to place the material.   DBE had previously used a modified screed to place the material and using the HEM MSFP8-14 was a new experience for DBE and their crew.

With the added pressure of placing on a bridge deck that had an 8° grade and 5° cross slope as well as the high volume of traffic on Interstate 80 and the impact of any issues or delays on the lane closure and traffic control, having equipment that DBE could trust to perform reliably and produce efficiently was critical.

The HEM MSFP8-14 Mirco Overlay Paver was the right machine for the job.  The MSFP8-14 is a modified slip form paver designed for poly and other blends. This innovative slip-form paver is specifically designed for thin and ultra-thin bonded overlays - including UHPC, Polymer and Synthetic-reinforced.

Self-propelled on a rubber track drive powered by a 50hp diesel engine, the MSFP8-14 is lightweight, easy to operate and maneuver which makes it ideal for bridge deck overlays, as well as mainline overlay and whitetopping projects. With a standard paving width range from 8'-to-14', the HEM MSFP8-14 comes standard with stainless steel trailing pans, adjustable side forms, a transport system for ease of loading, pan mounted vibrators, and hydraulic string line sensors for grade and forward steering.

Available optional equipment includes a front spreading auger system, longitudinal tining rack, rear steering and a grade ski package.

For more information on the MSFP8-14 Micro Overlay Paver, or any of our family of paving products,  contact Darren Huinker at darren@hempaving.com (+1.319.240.9068) for domestic inquiries or Rick Eisiminger at rick@hempaving.com (+1.540.729.0619) for international inquiries.

For more information on the state of the Country’s bridges: https://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/cat-item/bridges/