HEM Paving Ships MP2500 to Russia

hem mp2500

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing (HEM) based in Grundy Center, Iowa, recently completed the manufacture and shipment of an MP2500 Material Placer to Russia. The HEM MP2500 has a 4.8 cubic yard/3.66 cubic meter capacity hopper to receive concrete from dump trucks.  The MP2500 then transports that concrete via a 35 foot/10.66 meter conveyor to the front of a paver.


MP2500 servicing an HEM Slip Form Paver

HEM coordinated with the customer to obtain translations for all controls, warning and cautions. Final assembly personnel applied English and Russian labels to the unit.

Cautions in English and Russian

Console in English and Russian

The HEM shipping and receiving team loaded the main unit of the MP2500 onto an RGN trailer and the conveyor and placer head into a 40’ Open Top container.  Both were then taken to the Port of Houston, Texas, for ocean shipment to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Loading MP2500

Loading MP2500

The MP2500 was purchased to assist with airport construction in Norilsk, Russia.  Norilsk is in Krasnoyarsk Krai, 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  Norilsk is the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants and the second-largest city inside the Arctic Circle.


After clearing customs in St. Petersburg, the unit will move by truck to the Port of Archangel, Russia, and then by sea and river to Norilsk.



Construction conditions are harsh in Norilsk.  The main part of the runway work can only be done from mid-June through early September.  Norilsk experiences winter temperature down to -58 degrees F/-50 degrees C and is in full darkness for two months.


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